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Storm Ridge Ranch presents two premier residential treatment centers for troubled teens, with separate facilities for boys and girls, ages 12 to 18. Storm Ridge is unique in the fact that we are a working ranch offering "ranch management" as our main therapeutic approach. Call and speak with our Admissions Director


Storm Ridge has effectively integrated therapeutic treatment, horsemanship and ranch management, academics, and vocation training into one of the top residential treatment centers for troubled boys and troubled girls. We are fully accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools with certified school teachers who work individually and collectively with the students in their individualized academic program.


"The mission of the Storm Ridge Ranch School is to provide all students with a quality education which will enable them to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship".


At Storm Ridge our purpose and goal is to provide a safe, structured, and caring environment for struggling teens to recover and thrive. With separate facilities for boys and girls, adolescents suffering with anger caused by depression, or poor self esteem, will discover self-worth. Boys or girls who have been derailed in school due to ADD, ADHD, substance abuse, negative peer pressure, adoption or family issues, are given the help they need to heal and recover.


Residential Treatment Center or Working Ranch?  We are both!

Storm Ridge Ranch is a family owned "working ranch" staffed by experienced ranchers who are counselors, licensed therapists, and certified educators. Professional counselors act as "Life Coaches" geared to help your child gain the missing life skills necessary to make good decisions and thrive. Through "one on one" mentorship and traditional therapy presented through structured group sessions, our students excel emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.


We offer our students a wide range of physical activities, keeping them busy throughout each day as they go to school and participate in ranch work, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and camping. Our students are always engaged in school, therapy, work, or recreational activities helping them to practice what they learn through the therapeutic experience. Because of our small size and ranch setting our students receive personalized care and attention. Each student receives special attention from our Clinical and Academic staff. We offer a fully accredited high curriculum where students are able to repair grades and recover missing credits.


Exceptional Staff Professionally Trained to work with Troubled Teens

Our staff receive on going training in a variety of therapeutic arenas. Our goal has always been to hire good people and develop them over time. We have a solid staff that has been with us over the years, and we have provided them with exceptional professional training. They have the unique knowledge necessary to be effective in assisting youth in their educational and therapeutic endeavors through a working ranch experience. Parents and students alike love our ranch atmosphere and the fact that the students are active participants in an outstanding ranch management program.


An Exceptionally Unique Therapeutic Experience

Residential Treatment For TeensStorm Ridge Ranch has a 40 bed facility for boys located in Maryvale, Utah, referred to as Storm Ridge South. We also operate a 18 bed facility for girls located on the other side of the ranch, 30 miles north in Monroe, Utah, referred to as Storm Ridge North. Storm Ridge Ranch is an actual "Working Ranch Operation". Our small town rural location provides the backdrop for the development of healthy values such as a strong work ethic, responsibility, commitment, accountability, teamwork, and social skills.


An integral part of the Storm Ridge Program is the direct involvement that our students have with the "Ranch". Our students are expected to participate in the everyday running of the ranch operation, including the care and upkeep of animals and livestock, horticultural activities, as well as general upkeep and participation in ranch maintenance projects.



At Storm Ridge students learn to do chores, but more importantly, they learn why they need to do chores.  Working on the ranch is a therapeutic experiential interventon that is much richer than "traditional" therapy.  Our program provides all students with the ability to feel a sense of accomplishment that has escaped them to this point.  The ranch experience motivates them in ways that traditional restidential treatment centers fail to achieve.


Family-style setting that is truly therapeutic

The Family-like atmosphere of the Ranch promotes the development of tools that the youth value throughout their lives. The support that our unique experience provides give our students a sense of belonging as they contribute daily to the ongoing operation of the ranch. One can only imagine the improved self-esteem and confidence that comes along with hard work and good play found on the ranch.


Although the average length of stay is 9 to 12 months, each student ultimately determines how they stay by choosing to progress through the program. We are known for our patience and deep understanding. As student choose to progress through the program they take ultimate responsibility for their choices and behaviors. Our program is designed like the real world, where each student is rewarded as they make good decisions for themselves. This process provides them with a means for experience personal growth and achievement that translates well as they return home.


The residential treatment centers of Storm Ridge Ranch are therapeutic programs providing the opportunity for students to identify harmful behavior and distorted thinking patterns and begin to learn new techniques for dealing with emotions and feelings. Storm Ridge Ranch employees therapists with varying experience and expertise allowing for a strong therapeutic program that meets the diverse needs of our clients. Our therapeutic intervention is based on a one year residential treatment center placement in a ranch setting that mirrors a "family". Therapy plans and groups are based on need and assessment. We specialize in substance abuse, adoption - reactive attachment, CBT/DBT, trauma and grief, defiance and anger, family systems, and independent living & life skills development. Our therapists and counselors are licensed as LMFT, LCSW, or LPC with the State of Utah. We manage a skilled treatment team, which includes parents or family members, and students. Family Systems Model - The students reside in a secure "Home-Style" ranch setting that has a structured environment and models family interaction. Therapy focuses on decreasing aggression and improving impulse control, alleviating depressive and anxious symptoms, while learning to manage frustration, anger, and tolerance. Students will learn how to engage in conflict resolution within a family system and will be taught life skills by participating in "life skills development." Our Campus:Family style program with an on site school. Cattle Ranch, program sits on 20 acres, and the cattle run on hundreds of acres. Family Involvement:Family therapy can be in place of individual therapy or can be added for an additional cost. Family visits are encouraged Length of Stay:The average length of stay is around 12 months. Philosophy:It is our mission to provide a safe nurturing environment to facilitate healthy adolescent development by our clients. Our program is a long term therapeutic residential program with strong therapy and academic components. All staff function as care givers and role models for our clients. It is imperative that we treat our clients appropriately and with respect. A client’s right to confidentiality is mandated by law and must be protected both on and off site.

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